remedial works

Remedial works include removal of dead legs & dead ends and other services related to hot & cold water systems

Tmv & Shower servicing

We offer Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Shower servicing.  

water Hygiene services

Comprehensive range of water hygiene services, legionella control services, legionella control measures to ACoP L8

chemical supplies

We stock a full range of Pool & SPA related chemicals.  We also stock a range of inhibitors, antifreeze & other treatments for heating & chilled systems

Legionella Control Services

plumbing & electrical

We provide remedial plumbing & electrical installation and testing.


Are you a duty holder or a responsible person for the control of Legionella at your workplace?  Do you carry out any statutory checks or monitor the water temperatures at your site?  Have you received any formal training to complete these checks?  If you are unsure of the responsibilities that you have, please contact us and we will advise you.

We provide training courses throughout the year giving you all the relevant information and guidance to put a suitable control system in place.

Click on the link above to see our up coming courses or call 0345 828 2020 for further details. 

RPZ Valve Installation and servicing 

RPZ valves (Reduced Pressure Zone) can only be installed and serviced by authorised installers.  for more information click HERE